Paranormal Activity ist ein Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr , bei dem Oren Peli Regie führte, das Drehbuch schrieb und einen Teil der Produktion übernahm. Katie und Micah glauben, dass ihr Haus von einem Dämon beherrscht wird. Also beschließen sie, eine Videokamera zu installieren, um die Ereignisse. Paranormal Activity 3 ist ein US- amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Bereich.

Katie hires a psychic, Dr. Fredrichs Mark Fredrichs , who assesses that she is being haunted not by a ghost, but by a demon.

He says the demon feeds off negative energy, and its intent is to haunt and torment Katie no matter where she goes.

He advises them not to taunt or communicate with the demon, and to contact demonologist Dr. Johann Averies for help.

Though Katie seems interested and engaged in the situation, Micah does not take it seriously. The camera captures several supernatural phenomena which remain minor at first, such as the bedroom door moving by itself during night 3.

During night 5 however, Katie wakes up from a nightmare and it is revealed that something was whispering to her in her sleep.

Micah begins to taunt the demon and the phenomena worsens. During night 13, they are awoken by an otherworldly screech and a loud thud. They go downstairs to investigate and find the chandelier moving by itself.

On night 15, Katie awakens and spends several hours standing by the bed staring at Micah while he sleeps, before going outside to sit on the backyard swing.

Micah awakens and tries to convince her to come inside but she refuses, her voice dreamlike and detached. When Micah goes inside to get her a blanket, he finds the TV turned on in the bedroom, and is then startled by Katie, who followed him inside but says that he woke her up.

Katie remembers nothing the next day. Katie, already irritated by Micah's flippant response to the situation, becomes irate when Micah brings home a Ouija board despite Dr.

The two go out of the house that evening, leaving the Ouija board in the living room. The curtains and plants start to blow around and the Ouija board's planchette moves on its own.

A small fire erupts on the board, but it extinguishes itself before they get home. It seems that the board has left them an unrecognizable and unreadable message.

On night 17, Micah sprinkles talcum powder in the hallway and when the couple is awoken by noises, they find non-human footprints leading to the bedroom from the attic.

In the attic, Micah finds a burnt photograph of a young Katie, which was previously thought to have been destroyed in an unexplained house fire.

The next night, a light turns on and off and the bedroom door slams shut. Loud banging is heard, as something is apparently trying to get in. They discover that the glass over a photo of them has been smashed, with Micah's image scratched.

Averies is abroad when Micah finally agrees to invite him, so Dr. Upon his arrival, Dr. Fredrichs immediately has a sense of dread. He apologetically leaves despite their pleas for his help, stating that his presence is only making the demon angry.

On night 19, a shadow moves across the bedroom door. The paranormal activity starts to become physical; Katie is pulled out of the bedroom by an invisible force during night Stressed and exhausted, the couple decide to go to a hotel.

Micah finds Katie gripping a cross so tightly that it bloodies her palm. Micah, angry at a situation he cannot control, burns the cross and the picture found in the attic.

Just as he is set to leave, a suddenly apathetic, languid Katie insists that they will be okay now, her voice flat. On night 21, Katie awakens to once again stand and stare at Micah while he sleeps.

She walks out of the darkness, holding a large bloody kitchen knife, her shirt bloodied. She sits beside the bed, holding the knife and rocking herself, until about 2 p.

During this short period, Katie stops rocking and after Amber sees Micah's body, she runs out of the house and Katie resumes rocking.

Half an hour later, just after 9: As they are checking Micah for vital signs, a light turns on in the bedroom down the hallway, but before the police see it, the light turns off again.

They discover Katie, still sitting beside the bed with the knife. As they call to her, she wakes from her catatonic state and seems confused.

As she approaches them, knife in hand, calling Micah, they ask her to drop the weapon. Suddenly the bedroom door behind the police officers slams shut, startling them and causing them to shoot Katie, who collapses on the floor.

The police then call dispatch and check the bedroom at the end of the hall, but find nothing. They discover the video camera, still running.

An epilogue text states that Micah's body was discovered by police on October 11, , and Katie's whereabouts remain unknown.

Once Paramount acquired the film, two alternate endings were developed for it, with one of them eventually being used in the theatrical version.

The original ending for the film was available for a time for viewing on the Internet before Paramount exerted a claim of copyright on the material.

In one of them, seen in the theatrical version of the film, after Katie comes out of bed, she stands beside it staring at Micah for approximately two hours and then walks downstairs.

After a moment of silence, Katie screams Micah's name, waking Micah who rushes to her. How Tech is Changing Childhood.

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A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. What parents need to know Parents need to know that Paranormal Activity is a real chill-up-the-spine movie that's bound to induce nightmares in plenty of young moviegoers -- even though, as with The Blair Witch Project , the big buzz around the movie and the prospect of testing their backbone will likely prove irresistible to many teens.

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User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by nti November 8, How this movie made it to the screen is unbelievable This movie is waste of your time Parent of a 10 and 13 year old Written by Amira May 22, And we all know horror movies are NOT for kids Unfortunately, my 10 and 14 y-o kids st Teen, 14 years old Written by MikaylaaMadisonn November 26, Such a great movie!

Very creepy all the way through! And the final scene Teen, 14 years old Written by IronZombie75 November 3, Okay this movie does not have any blood, gore, or violence brief gory excorcism from afar off computer screen no sex, no drugs, no consumerism, but what it do Is it any good?

Talk to your kids about What would be the effect of constantly filming your life? Movie details In theaters: September 25, On DVD or streaming: December 29, Cast: For kids who love scares.

The Blair Witch Project. Tense monster movie is loud, hectic -- and scary. Diary of the Dead. Gory zombie movie raises questions about media.

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The full limited release of the film started on October 9. Paranormal Activity is a American supernatural horror film co-produced, written, directed, photographed and edited by Oren Peli. The friend lets out a scream and runs out of the house. This is it, the finale. Made for a very low budget and with minimal actors and settings, this is Beste Spielothek in Edderitz finden effective horror movie that's more dependent on ideas than on spectacle or gore. During the fifteenth night, Katie, in an Beste Spielothek in Wiesing finden trance, stands beside the bed and stares at Micah for two hours before going outside. Fredrichs Mark Fredrichswho assesses that she is being haunted not by paranormal.activity ghost, but by a demon. The screaming continues, and the werder bremen spiele of a struggle are heard before the noises abruptly stop. In other bett and win Wikiquote. How would this make a person feel? Set ina young couple, Katie and Micah, who have recently moved to a new house in San DiegoCaliforniaare terrorized by a demon that Katie believes has been following her all her life.

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Scary Child Creature Spotted From My House Front Yard!! Paranormal Activity Caught On Video!!

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Erst im Showdown darf auch die deutsche Spur mal dynamischer und räumlicher werden, doch auch dieser fällt im Original noch einmal deutlich drastischer aus. Ghost Dimension Originaltitel Paranormal Activity: Dieses manifestiert sich immer wieder und sorgt so für vordergründigeren Schrecken. Peli brauchte ein Jahr, um sein eigenes Haus für die Dreharbeiten vorzubereiten, indem er Wände neu strich, Möbel kaufte, den Teppich austauschte und das Treppenhaus umbaute. Die Gezeichneten Originaltitel Paranormal Activity: Nach einer Weile hört man schwere Schritte die Treppe hinaufkommen und plötzlich wird Micah quer durch den Raum gegen die Kamera geschleudert.